Face Mask Materials


NuTex Concepts has hydrophobic polypropylene spunbond non-wovens available for purchase to be used as the inner layer and outer layer of 3 layer face mask production. 


We have this material in stock in the US.  We do not have the meltblown required for the critical middle barrier layer but can supply the 1st and 3rd layer in roll form.​

Technical Data Sheets for Download

Please contact us at 828-320-8515 or email emily@nutexconcepts.com for more information.

Disclaimer for Spunbond: No claims are made as to PP spunbond’s ability to prevent or reduce exposure, whether through dermal contact or respiration, to microbes,viruses, pathogens, or other agents that may cause harm to the wearer following contact or exposure. This material is sold or made available for use only after the potential buyer has read the above statement. By using this material, the buyer acknowledges that they have received the above notice. NuTex Concepts makes no claim or warranties, real or implied, as to the effectiveness of this material in the prevention of infection of any type. Everyone is urged to follow CDC guidelines during this crisis. Please consult www.cdc.org for information and updates.